About us

Without a doubt, the biggest impediment to a person’s efforts to avail credit is a credit score. Financial institutions, mainstream banks and even mobile phone contract providers use a person’s credit score as a basis prior to availing credit. An understanding of how credit rating works, how it is calculated not to mention how a person can improve it is one of the main objectives of stoptalvivaara Loans. Since inception, we have been inculcating knowledge and creating awareness on the subject of credit rating to thousands of UK customers. We understand that most people are in a dilemma, stuck between a rock and a hard place and simply can’t seem to avail credit as a result of the state of their creditworthiness.

We believe that a lot of people suffer because of lack of knowledge and this explains why stoptalvivaara Loans has taken it upon itself to not only educate thousands of UK citizens but also ensure that they take necessary steps to improve their credit score. Our customer personnel are not only highly trained on matters credit rating but also carry themselves professionally when interacting with customers. We will explain to you what a credit rating is, how it is calculated, steps you can take to improve the same, how it impacts your chances of obtaining credit and so on and so forth.